Kills to Kisses

Saturday, August 9, 2014 - 5:00pm

Kills to kisses is the the triphop/alternative art rock solo project of Bassist/Vocalist/DJ Lisa Dowling.
She lives in Brooklyn and is currently recording her debut  vinyl album 'cloven tongues' with Ryan Streber of Oktaven Audio

Praised as "Bjork-like" by the New York Times, kills to kisses explores the relationship between 4 low strings,  electro-acoustic story telling, classical music, DJ culture and electronics. A classically trained musician, her tools on stage include an upright bass, a Boss RC-300 looper, a Korg synth, a Line 6 and vocal effects, creating a cinematic language that is unlike no other. Equally at home shredding her bass with classically inspired riffs, layering hiphop bass lines over a produced track or telling quirky, pop-inspired stories with her "delicate and pure" (Woodstock Times) voice, kills to kisses takes you on a intimate journey that will leave you with your lips all wet, warm and fuzzy.

"Bjork like vocal phrasing and innovative electronics" --Steve Smith, New York Times