July Residency at Millbrook School

Posted on July 6, 2015

In partnership with the Millbrook School, Kickwheel Ensemble Theater (the creative arm of Bazaar Productions/The Berkshire Fringe) will break ground on the development of its newest full length theater piece, PASSAGE.

This July, through the generous support of an Artist in Residency program, Kickwheel will collaborate with five high school aged students during the early development of PASSAGE. The residency furthers the company’s mission to engage the next generation of theater makers by providing a unique opportunity for mentorship and training.

“It is an exciting time to fuse our facilities here at the Chelsea Morrison Theater at the Millbrook School with the edgy, experimental and inventive work of Kickwheel Ensemble Theater. Blending master teachers, innovative style, and skilled technical theater artists with student apprentices, the culminating performances are sure to be stunning. I am thrilled to facilitate this collaboration and look forward to Kickwheel taking up residence here at the Millbrook School and modeling for young theater artists what they do so well.” said Elaine Lifter, Director of Theater at the Millbrook School.

Merging original sound, virtuosic physical performance, and questionably accurate historical reenactments, PASSAGE focuses a humorous lens on the recent thawing of the once impenetrable Northwest Passage.

“The history of the Northwest Passage juxtaposes extraordinary acts of hubris with some of the most harrowing accounts of failure imaginable” said Kickwheel Ensemble Theater member and PASSAGE director Sara Katzoff. “This was part of a cycle that lasted over six centuries. Hundreds lost their lives in this perilous and frozen terrain. Now, the entire passage has melted due to climate change. As a company, we’ve been immersed in finding a way into that very complex, very ironic and very contemporary story.”

The ten day residency and collaboration with Millbrook provides the company with artist housing and space in the school’s theater and studios. The program will culminate in two work-in-progress showings presented at the Chelsea Morrison Theater on July 17th and 18th at 7pm. 131 Millbrook School Road, Millbrook, NY. Tickets to the performances are free, donations are welcome at the door.

Kickwheel Ensemble Theater is a group of Berkshire and New York City based artists who create original genre-blurring works for the stage. Collaborative use of heightened physicality, rich language, original music and innovative design excites the emotions and intellects of our audiences by exploring what is most outrageously human in all of us.

When you go:

July 17th & 18th at 7pm at Chelsea Morrison Theater

131 Millbrook School Road Millbrook, NY

Tickets free. Donations welcome at the door

For more information call (413) 418-4113 or email sayhi [at] kickwheel.org.